Charter Schools

Strategic Growth Partners (SGP) is the result of the unique collaboration of James Willcox, former CEO of Aspire Public Schools, and Caleb Roope, the founder and CEO of The Pacific Companies (TPC).  TPC is a nationally respected vertically integrated real estate development company and one of the largest affordable housing developers in the U.S.  SGP was launched in 2016 as a unique social venture and benefit corporation, and gained immediate access to the expertise, capabilities, financial strength and network as a member of the TPC family of companies.

The SGP mission is to increase the number of quality public school options to families across the country. We achieve this by helping high quality charter school networks grow, and providing the comprehensive support they need to overcome the facilities challenges that hinder their growth.
We also offer our school partners the uniquely powerful opportunity of building their school facility as part of an affordable multi-family housing complex. 

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