The Pacific Companies Directory

The Pacific Companies


  • Caleb Roope Caleb Roope President/CEO
  • Zack Deboi Zack Deboi Executive
  • L. Andrea Clark L. Andrea Clark VP Special Projects
  • Denise Carter Denise Carter Executive
  • Dean Martin Dean Martin PPR - Division President
  • Peter Van Dorne Peter Van Dorne Director of Finance
  • Don Slattery Don Slattery Executive
  • John Nicolas John Nicolas Executive

Pacific West Communities

  • Clay McReynolds Clay McReynolds Legal Counsel
  • William R. Spann William R. Spann Business Developer
  • Mike Kelley Mike Kelley Business Developer
  • Tim Sciacqua Tim Sciacqua Business Developer
  • Darren Berberian Darren Berberian Business Developer
  • Chris Grant Chris Grant Project Manager
  • Ray Crowder Ray Crowder Director of Quality Control
  • Joseph Peavey Joseph Peavey Quality Assurance Manager
  • Sara Goldstein Sara Goldstein Senior Asset Manager
  • Ron Tuning Ron Tuning Director of Asset Management
  • Claire Casazza Claire Casazza Senior Affordable Development Manager
  • Tony Crowder Tony Crowder Public Finance Manager
  • David Basel David Basel Private Finance Manager
  • Katie Callen Katie Callen Executive Assistant
  • Jill Webster Jill Webster Project Coordinator
  • Shannon Crozier Shannon Crozier Controller
  • Mark McAllister Mark McAllister Commercial Asset Manager
  • Jennifer Randall Jennifer Randall Resident Rewards Administrator & Asset Manager
  • Stephen Schott Stephen Schott Resident Rewards Specialist
  • Bjorn Doskeland Bjorn Doskeland Closer and Delivery Assurance Specialist
  • Roxanne Ruck Roxanne Ruck Closer and Delivery Assurance Specialist
  • Rhina Halley Rhina Halley Resident Rewards Specialist
  • Rhonda Watts Rhonda Watts Resident Rewards Specialist
  • Greg Putnam Greg Putnam Asset Manager
  • Sarah McCormack Sarah McCormack Legal Counsel
  • Stacey Aparicio Stacey Aparicio Administrative Assistant
  • Jeff Cresto Jeff Cresto Finance Specialist
  • Raquel Halley Raquel Halley Resident Rewards Specialist
  • Melanie Sturlin Melanie Sturlin Labor Compliance
  • Joe Manning Joe Manning Private Finance Assistant

Pacific West Builders

  • Nichole Fenton Nichole Fenton Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Ken Thiel Ken Thiel Director of Construction
  • Shaun Jolley Shaun Jolley Project Manager
  • Laura Knothe Laura Knothe Project Manager
  • Emily Kuziej Emily Kuziej Labor Compliance Manager
  • Cheryl Hansel Cheryl Hansel Administrative Assistant
  • Tricia Wassner Tricia Wassner Insurance Specialist
  • Jessica Burt Jessica Burt Accounting Assistant
  • Billy Noll Billy Noll Project Manager
  • Philo Lamb Philo Lamb Accounting Administrative Assistant

Pacific Education Partners

Pacific West Architecture

  • Douglas Gibson Douglas Gibson Architect
  • Drew Ebright Drew Ebright Project Architect
  • Andrew Wheeler Andrew Wheeler Project Architect
  • Ben Petersen Ben Petersen Project Architect