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Investor Portal

Established in 1998, The Pacific Companies (TPC) is a privately held, fully integrated real estate enterprise headquartered in Eagle, ID. TPC develops and operates special-use commercial real estate throughout the western US, with a focus on multifamily housing and charter school facilities. The firm consists of multiple companies with related roles and complementary missions.

Owner, president, and CEO, Caleb Roope, leads a team of over 40 professionals covering an array of development related disciplines. Caleb directly oversees TPC’s eight-person business development team, each sourcing opportunities from their respective geographies and bringing with them their knowledge of each area’s economic, demographic, and political environments. Caleb works with this team to cultivate and select the opportunities that he assesses are optimal for TPC’s profitability, diversification, and risk-management strategies.

With more than 160 successful multifamily and school projects completed in partnership with corporate and private investors, Caleb is a tested and proven partner who has produced over $2 billion in asset value with no history of defaults, foreclosures, bankruptcies, or unanticipated capital calls.

TPC has been profitable every year since inception, with annual net income in recent years comfortably in excess of $5 million. Overhead expenses across these businesses are stable and carefully managed. Corporate borrowings are negligible outside the direct scope of construction and permanent financing for individual real estate projects. The TPC portfolio outperforms industry norms with metrics of 97% occupancy and 1.40 DSCR as of YE 2017.

TPC consists of five primary operating companies plus several smaller related companies and numerous holding entities.

The primary operating companies are:

  • Pacific West Communities, Inc. - an affordable housing development company
  • Pacific Partners Residential, Inc. - a multifamily development company
  • Strategic Growth Partners - a charter school development company
  • Pacific West Builders, Inc. - a general contracting firm
  • Pacific West Architecture - an architecture firm

Caleb and senior managers oversee the activities and strategic direction of each of these businesses.

TPC and Caleb (personally) are well known in the affordable housing industry for exhibiting strong capabilities across a continuum of specialties including feasibility analysis, finance, local and state government relations, construction management, and asset management. These activities are conducted on a sufficiently large scale to make TPC an attractive employer to highly committed, experienced professionals, which further enhances the firm’s stability.

Under Caleb’s leadership, the TPC team consistently produces 10-12 new projects each year in the face of many competing opportunities and challenges. TPC remains committed to its core affordable housing objective while continually investing in complementary endeavors that add diversity to the firm’s expertise, product lines, and revenue streams.